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With over 15 years of music teaching experience, Jenna Dennison is an active private music teacher both independently and at local academies.  Private music lessons (piano, bagpipes, and composition) are available over live video chat, or in person from her studio in Ville-Émard as well as at the student's home.  (NB there is a cat present for lessons held at her studio.)  Lesson prices vary depending on the instrument and travel time (see map); prices below are per hour.  Lesson duration is flexible as per the student's needs.


For information or to register for lessons, please write to Jenna through the contact form below, or send her an email at:

dennison [dot] jenna @ gmail [dot] com

In-home lessons are a minimum of 60 minutes (which can be two consecutive 30-minute lessons) and have an added travel fee of $8 to $10 per lesson, by borough:

$8  Sud-ouest, Verdun

$9  Lasalle, Notre-Dame-de-Grace

$10  Montreal West, Westmount, Nuns' Island

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Piano Lessons

$50 / hr

Having taken piano lessons since the age of six, Jenna can teach a variety of styles and methods (in English or in French), to beginner through advanced students, young or old.  Have a piece already picked out you would like to learn?  Have you already started learning with another teacher, or from a method book you already own?  She will tailor her lesson plan around your needs and goals.

Discounts are available for multiple prepaid lessons.  Please use the contact form below for more information.

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Bagpipe Lessons

$50 / hr

Highland bagpipes require more learning in-person than most instruments, because of the musical expression and the oral traditions embedded in the culture.  Jenna is passionate about keeping this tradition alive through teaching.  She has studied piping under Jordon Anderson, Fraser Clark, Sean Patrick Reagan, and at the College of Piping.  She recently developed the curriculum used by the Montréal Piping and Drumming School.

Discounts are available for multiple prepaid lessons.  Please use the contact form below for more information.


Composition Lessons

$45 / hr

Jenna's primary passion is understanding how music works.  She can teach you to write in the style of the composer or era of your choice, how to arrange music for any ensemble, the nuances of notation, or even the art of creating just a beautiful, simple song.  The sky is the limit when you start a new piece.

"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind." -Johannes Brahms


Discounts are available for multiple prepaid lessons.  Please use the contact form below for more information.


"Jenna is a great teacher. Our girls took piano with other teachers but have progressed so much more in this short time with her."

Leigh-Anne Fok

"Jenna provides high quality, focused piano classes be it in your home or online. Have learned so much and have really found great pleasure and progress in learning with Jenna."

Marceline Goldstein

"Her YouTube bagpipe strike in tutorial: it was technically perfect as I have come to expect from her.

She is a really good teacher.  Thank you, Jenna, for imparting your knowledge and creativity to us."

Chris Pinnock

"She is a musical wizard.  Her instructional videos are very well done.  As is always the case!"

Christopher Pinnell

"Thanks for being such a great teacher!  I'm very lucky to learn with her!"

Gaëlle Fayolle

"Her method is ideal. It's rare to find someone who can perform well AND teach. That is a gift ... to her students :-)"

Tom McCurdy, Washington, USA

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